Our Preferred Fraud Barrister Panel

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Our fraud solicitors are specialists in a crisis

When our clients come to us with a legal problem, they have usually selected us from a list of possible firms. The client has usually taken care to find the right lawyer for his or her case.

The client does not usually get to choose his or her barrister with the same level of research and care. This is because the barristers are often self-employed and instructed on a case by case basis by the solicitor. This can mean that clients aren’t always involved in the decision making process when it comes to barrister choice. We have taken the view that there must be a better, more collaborative way of choosing a barrister in a client’s case.

As a result, we now maintain a Preferred Fraud Barrister Panel. This helps clients who are thinking of instructing us to know the calibre of barrister we use, and be involved where possible in the process of selection. It is constantly being updated to ensure the continuing reliability of the information.

Please note that factors such as the availability of a barrister and the location of the case may affect whether he or she can be retained on a case.