Money laundering proceedings – family, friends and associates being dragged into the case

Following the money trail is not the whole story

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The key to understanding fraud often lies in understanding money laundering. Understanding the money trail can mean victory or defeat for the fraud lawyer and the whole case. But a lot of the time, bank transfers and statement entries don’t tell the whole story.

Friends and family are often targeted

The sort of people that its easier to go for and you’ll see quite a lot happening with the police, HMRCs, (are) partners, i.e. a female or male partner, a wife husband, family members€¦ because clearly its, both from a criminals point of view, its easier because they trust that member of the family. They’ll take a cheque and go put it in the bank or take cash and put it in the bank. So you end up with someone who allows€¦ not knowing, allows their bank to be used for some money to be€¦ or cheques to be cashed€¦ roped into money laundering.

I think its got to do with the sort of interrelationship between the individual and trying to establish whether or not they are€¦ it is a proper family relationship or friendship relationship and therefore they are people who they trust or they know sufficient about in order to either say, “I don’t mind you using my account”, because you trust that individual and you do not suspect in any way that person may be involved in any kind of criminal activity.

Its easier to go after a housewife whose been given a cheque or cash and go to the bank and say, “Where did you get all that money from, it must be the proceeds of crime.” Also, its sometimes used as a leverage, because if you charge a wife or a mother, its a leverage to get a guilty plea.

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