Matrimonial conveyancing – when partners want to separate the property they hold

Personal Instructions for Matrimonial Conveyancing.  We understand the stress and unrest that can people can feel when a relationship breaks down, and one of the first issues that usually has to be considered is what to do about any shared property.

Many people will consider visiting a family solicitor to discuss their legal rights and take practical advice. However what people can fail to consider is  how best they can protect their assets.

The family home is probably your most valuable asset. It is usually therefore the first thing you should consider  protecting your interest in. When you go through a separation, you may decide to leave the family home. But if you are not the registered owner of the property you may wish to protect your right to the property. This is where our Matrimonial Conveyancing solicitors can help.

matrimonial conveyancingMatrimonial Conveyancing is not a straightforward area of law and one which may be outside the competency of the high street family solicitor. Our skilled solicitors will be able to advise you how best to protect your interest in the family home.

It may be that you are not married but as a couple living together you have come to an amicable agreement and want to put this agreement into effect. Whatever your exact situation, we are happy to take a call to discuss your options. Our solicitors are sensitive and relaxed in their approach, and always happy to talk, even if it’s just for some basic advice. If you need help,  we will happily provide a competitive fixed fee,  so you will know exactly how much it is going to cost in advance, at the same time knowing you are getting a top quality service.

If you would like to speak with one of our friendly solicitors to obtain a no obligation quotation,  please contact us on freephone 0808 155 4870 (nationwide).

Note for Family Solicitors:

Matrimonial conveyancing is a specialised area and one which sometimes falls outside the core competency of even experienced and skilled family practitioners. If you need assistance from a firm which specialises in this area, please give us a call and speak to Leilah Akhgar in our conveyancing department. We work with solicitors who need conveyancing capacity to make sure the bottom line for the client is not prohibitive, in a way that enables them to remain competitive.