Hookway Bail Case – Joseph Kotrie Monson of Mary Monson Solicitors on BBC News

Joseph Kotrie of Mary Monson Solicitors outlined why his firm were among those objecting to this emergency bill

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“This bill has been given€¦ this whole narrative has been put forward by Theresa May and also senior police officers as a bail crisis, an emergency, and a loop hole that if its not immediately closed, is going to result in murderers and rapists running the street. Lets be very clear about this. First of all, this is about people that the police already want to bail. What’s happened, and what we’ve seen as lawyers in the last few years is, the four days that the Police and Criminal Evidence Act allows for is not being used by the police officers in its entirety.

Even on serious cases, suspects are spending a day, two days in the police station max and then they’re being bailed and the case is being put on the back burner, big pile of papers, forensic reports take ages and as a result you have suspects on bail who might end up being exonerated for sometimes as long as years, and victims for whom the suspect being on bail is no relief anyway. That gives them no closure.

I think the main objection that the QC’s – Michael Mansfield, Joel Bennathan, Courtney Griffiths, respected QC’s have had in writing this open letter to Theresa May is that there has been no public debate about this. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act of the 1980s, these particular clauses were subject to months if not years of debate before being passed.” – Joseph Kotrie, Mary Monson Solicitors

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