Getting you a better deal on your lease

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Clients come to us and say, “why do we need a solicitor to help us negotiate a lease? Its a simple document, there’s nothing in there really that’s going to influence us. Its a lease of some premises, and that’s all it is.”

However, landlords will do everything they can to make the lease in their favour. And we as a solicitor, acting on your behalf as a tenant, get to negotiate that lease and really get you a better deal and make sure that the terms are fair, and that they help your business and add value to your business in the future.

Avoiding problems down the line

The reason that somebody needs a good lease is so that further problems are avoided down the line. Future purchases of your business, investors, or banks looking to lend you money – they will scrutinise the lease terms very closely. And if there are terms in there that you didn’t realise at the start, which were unfair or erroneous, then they really could have a massive impact on the value of your business.

In leases of business premises there can be clauses hidden away which can be a ticking time-bomb for tenants and at the end of the lease you could be left with a massive bill for repairs to the building, for example.

If you’re a tenant and wish to sell the business, then all purchasers are going to look at the terms of the lease, find out how many years are left, especially if its protected by what is called ‘security of tenure’. And that means – do you have the right to renew the lease at the end of the term.

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