Our fraud solicitors accept clients in every part  of England and Wales

We  take pride in delivering our service with sensitivity, respect and true expertise. Facing a fraud or financial allegation can be incredibly distressing, and many who face such a case have never been in any trouble before.  We operate nationally and we have fraud solicitors in Birmingham, Leeds,  Manchester, Salford and London’s Fleet Street. Read more about the types of case our fraud lawyers specialise in below.

Fraud Act Offences

Our fraud solicitors have extensive experience of the provisions of the 2006 Fraud Act, and have acted for our clients in every type of case involving a fraudulent statement, failure to disclose, fraud by abuse of position, and obtaining services dishonestly, with values from the thousands to several million.

HMRC Cases including VAT, Tax, and Duty Fraud

Our fraud lawyers regularly act for individuals prosecuted by HMRC, whether in their capacity as a director or employee. We have specific expertise in VAT fraud cases, including of course missing trader or MTIC allegations.

In certain circumstances we may be able to negotiate with HMRC for criminal proceedings to not proceed.  We have acted in a number of HMRC cases involving tobacco and alcohol, sometimes involving importation and national distribution in the tens of millions.

Cases prosecuted by the FCA (formerly FSA)

We regularly act in cases involving the activities of bankers, securities brokers and other members of the retail and wholesale financial industry. We have specific knowledge of insider dealing, unregulated share selling malpractice cases, including so-called ‘boiler rooms’. Here is some more information.

Proceeds of Crime

fraud solicitorsOur firm has been asked by individuals to act in Proceeds of Crime cases both in criminal and civil courts where the claimed amounts have been several million pounds.Our fraud lawyers take nothing that the financial investigator claims to be fact unless we test it ourselves and take an adversarial approach with the state in its attempts to wrestle money from our clients.

Mortgage Fraud

Our fraud lawyers are specialists in mortgage fraud, and have acted in serious cases of mortgage fraud conspiracy where the prosecution has claimed the existence sophisticated networks of valuers, investors, bank employees and even solicitors. We also regularly act in self certification mortgage frauds, often where the broker filled out the forms on behalf of the investor.

Conspiracy to Defraud

As fraud specialists, we have background in conspiracy to defraud cases going back to the 1980s. In the aftermath of another recession, our Fraud and Business Crime Department is acting increasingly for company directors, secretaries, professionals, and even employees who have become entangled in a conspiracy to defraud charge. Our fraud lawyers’ goal is to extract our clients from the mess that the prosecution say proves guilt.

Banking Related Frauds

We regularly act for UK based workers in both the wholesale and retail banking industry. Many of these clients have never faced a criminal investigation before. Whether they are charged with misstating rates or values associated with securities, or simply of abuse of position, having a fraud lawyer who actually understands the vernacular of the industry is regarded by our clients to not just be an advantage, but a necessity.

Our fraud solicitors’ case studies

Any fraud lawyer can claim to have expertise in different types of fraud or business crime cases. We have included here some case studies to give some idea of how our fraud solicitors prepare cases.

Conspiracy to defraud – finance

Our client was accused of being a crooked banker, allegedly acting on behalf of a criminal businessman to defraud his employer, a major UK bank, of millions of pounds in credit which was not justified. In a trial where others were convicted of conspiracy, we showed our client to have been naive in his approach to this businessman’s account, but not criminal, and he was found not guilty.

Social Security Fraud

Our client was the mayor of a UK city and was accused of a social security / benefit  fraud conspiracy amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds in government funds over a two year period. He was accused of being the lynchpin in this sophisticated large scale operation. Our fraud lawyers undertook a detailed investigation into the workings of his business and whether we could show that arrangements with staff employment were legitimate. Specialist London barrister Alex Taylor-Camara was retained by us to represent our client in court. The client was found not guilty, and his reputation was restored.

Money laundering

Our client was a wife of the leader of the so-called ‘boiler suit’ jewellery robbers. He had been convicted in a conspiracy to rob dozens of high-end jewellers of millions of pounds in watches and diamond jewellery in London and the South East. She was accused of helping him in the running of the operation and assisting in the concealing of money. Our fraud  solicitor advocate and barrister negotiated aggressively with the prosecution on her behalf and all but two charges relating to money laundering were dropped. The court accepted what we said: that her criminal involvement was minimal. She received a 1 year suspended sentence, and walked free.

Counterfeit goods conspiracy

Our client was a female recent university graduate. She was one of fifteen defendants accused of conspiracy to sell counterfeit goods. The prosecution case was that designer fashion items had been sold on eBay. The gang had used the eBay accounts of local university students to sell the goods. The total criminal operation was claimed to be in the millions. Our client was found not guilty.