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Criminal solicitors – our approach

Most people are fortunate enough to never experience the shock of being accused of a sexual offence. The consequences of a sexual allegation go much deeper than the worry of criminal proceedings. Somebody’s whole reputation and the fear of being labelled a sex offender make these cases particularly difficult. On top of that, many people have never faced criminal proceedings and so are completely unfamiliar with the situation, not knowing where to turn for advice.

At Mary Monson Solicitors we take a non-judgmental approach. We believe that our client is innocent until proven guilty, and it is our job to make sure that he or she gets a good result. The police and prosecution may take a one sided view, but a defence lawyer should never be afraid to fight for the client’s interests, and should never just accept accusations at face value.

Sexual offences cases are specialised for three main reasons: There is specific law of evidence and procedure in this area, the skills required are very different to general criminal defence work, and the psychological approach must be more sophisticated than simply a case of maximum attack without properly thinking through the detail. Our lawyers are specialists in sexual allegations, and we have successfully represented clients in this field for nearly 40 years.