Our conveyancing solicitors accept clients in every part
of England and Wales

Our focus is  on efficiency, speed, good communication, and a pleasant approach. conveyancing solicitorsWe  don’t cut corners. When you buy or sell a property, you should be able to rest assured that  there won’t be an expensive problem later because the conveyer belt lawyer missed something important.  We operate nationally and we have conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham, Leeds,  Manchester, Salford and London’s Fleet Street. Our prices start from £550 plus VAT. Read more about the types of case our conveyancing solicitors specialise in below.

Purchase of a property

Our conveyancing lawyers have experience in dealing with every type of property transaction, including purchase of freehold, leasehold, joint purchases, and purchases involving lenders and remortgages. If speed is of the essence, we make sure that we communicate well with all the parties so that nobody holds up the transaction. We don’t just sit on the sidelines. Where possible, we get stuck in to make the purchase go through. Read more about buying a house.

Sale of a property

We are experts in all types of property sale, including sale of freehold, leasehold, joint sale, and sales involving redemptions and accompanying purchases of a new property. If getting the sale finalised quickly is a priority, our conveyancing solicitors make sure that we in good contact with all the other parties so that no one party holds things up. We don’t just sit on the sidelines. Wherever we can, we get involved so that the sale goes through smoothly and to schedule. Read more about selling a house.


Where a property is being remortgaged, the refinance often has to go through as quickly as possible, and if there is no related chain, there is no reason it shouldn’t. We are experts in getting the transaction moved along speedily and efficiently, making sure that all other parties are doing what they are supposed to so that things aren’t held up. If it is your first conveyancing solicitorsremortgage, our conveyancing lawyers will help by making sure that you have an understanding of what’s going on. We communicate progress regularly with you, and answer any questions you have throughout.

First time buyers

Buying a property for the first time can be both exciting and daunting, and a first purchase can often come with a lot of questions. We understand that a first time buyer often needs more time with the conveyancing solicitor so that the process is understood, nothing is missed, and the stress is taken out of the process. We provide an efficient service with a human touch, keeping the client well informed throughout. Here are our ten golden tips for first time buyers.