Purchase and sale of commercial property

Commercial lawyers - our approach

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Our firm is different. We believe that simply being a business client is not a good reason to have to pay massive legal fees. We want your custom. We are prepared to work hard to get it by providing specialist advice which you know you can rely on, at a fixed fee which makes financial sense.Our prices start from £1,400 plus VAT.

There are three main reasons why clients choose us:


The number one frustration clients can have is delay. We chase all parties including other side’s lawyers, the agent, and the local authority to the transaction proactively so that the deal goes through according to your timetable.


When you instruct a lawyer, you need to know how much it will cost from the start. We offer straightforward, clear, reasonable fixed fees. Even if the transaction involves a lot of work, you don’t end up with a bigger bill.


Conveyancing in commercial property is not the same as conveyancing for a small apartment or house. Our specialists identify any issues such as conditions attached to the property, or environmental considerations early on and deal with them.