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Making the process easier on the client

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Criminal proceedings can be a terrifying experience. I believe that people can be more scared when they don’t understand what they’re facing. Our job as lawyers isn’t to blind people with complicated legal explanations, its to fight our client’s case in the way they want it fought. And that means that, first of all, we have to help them understand what they’re going through. A client once said to me that when he understood what was going on, it didn’t make all the fear go away but it did make the whole thing a lot more bearable for him and his family.

Getting the basics right

I always say to clients that what we promise is the basics. Access to expert advice and representation; a caring, nonjudgmental attitude; and a real desire to get the result for the client. Our clients choose us because we have a reputation for being pro-active, and aggressive on their behalf. Basically our job is to fight for them tooth and nail, and that’s what we try to do.

I’m involved at some level in every single case. All of my staff are trained personally by me. No barrister is chosen on behalf of the client without me knowing about it and approving it. What we’re doing for people is far too important to delegate those types of decisions. The quality of the service is paramount.

Whether our client is dealing directly with me or one of my colleagues, our philosophy is that we have to protect them, and that starts with the basics – being kind, understanding, and then going on to fight, to guide them through, aggressively defending them when they need it.

How our service works

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