What to expect during a police interview

The oppressive nature of the interview Interviews. It can be said that the case is won or lost there and not often in the trial itself. So in that context, how should you behave in the shock, the embarrassment, and the frustration of having just been arrested and being in a cell waiting to go […]

Murder Interviews – the need for specialist lawyers and the burden on families

Murder investigations require specialist lawyers Now, murder investigations, like tax investigations, like specialist medical operations, are a specialist field. You don’t bring in an optician to look at a heart problem. You don’t bring a psychologist to look at some kind of hormonal problem. The reality is that in a murder case you don’t bring […]

What to expect from an interview by police

Ways people trip up during an interview Its very easy to see how people blurt out silly things in interviews, to help themselves against all logic, that couldn’t even possible be true, just because they’re so terrified by the procedure. Even if someone is perfectly innocent of an accusation, in fact mostly if they are […]

Money Laundering – the real criminals are often never targeted

The biggest crimes are not being investigated The money laundering subject€¦investigation itself is so complex that we are ending up with almost 50 percent of money laundering not really being investigated. There aren’t enough resources, nor enough both qualified and experienced investigators to get into the more complex money laundering. And they are the ones […]

Conspiracy Law including to defraud

Who is responsible criminally? Conspiracy is a pretty scary word. But just because I know somebody who is involved in criminal activity and I’m associated with them, does that mean I’m responsible criminally too? Conspiracy is where two or more people agree to commit a crime, to put it in the simplest form. To convict […]

Client care philosophy

Making the process easier on the client Criminal proceedings can be a terrifying experience. I believe that people can be more scared when they don’t understand what they’re facing. Our job as lawyers isn’t to blind people with complicated legal explanations, its to fight our client’s case in the way they want it fought. And […]